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  1. BulletKimberley J Gage

  2. BulletDenise Grimm

  3. BulletMarjorie Lineweber

  4. BulletDeborah Lee Miller-Riley

  5. BulletStacey Modica

  6. BulletLisa Pattison

  7. BulletJilian Rakow

  8. BulletLara Schindler

  9. BulletJackie Pariseault

  10. BulletDede Crough

  11. BulletKathryn D Weber

  12. BulletPhil Foster

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  1. BulletJane Dweck 

  2. BulletCynthia Fox

  3. BulletDick & Julie Kraus

  4. BulletKim Miller 

  5. BulletMelinda Miller

  6. BulletClaudia Mohr 

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About Canine Water Sports

CWS, founded in  2001 by Deborah Lee Miller-Riley, is a watersports organization created to serve all water-loving dogs and their people by providing:

  1. BulletWATERSPORTS  TESTING. We offer  water test protocols for dozens of water skills docked under ten categories:

  2. Shoreline Skills

  3. 1.Swim mate

  4. 2.Platform

  5. 3.Navigation

  6. 4.Nautical Nosework

  7. Mariner Dog Tasks

  8. 5.Aquagility

  9. 6.Retrieve-work

  10. 7.Delivery-work

  11. 8.Submersion-work

  12. 9.Tow-work

  13. 10.Boatwork

  14. BulletRECOGNITION AWARDS.  We issue Merit, and Certificate Awards to water-loving dogs and their people who exhibit watersports excellence in a CWS water test.

  15. BulletDOCUMENTATION.  A water achievement history record begins for each dog registered into the organization’s H2O-K-9 Registry.

  16. BulletSANCTIONING.  We qualify CWS Water Judges and approve Water Testing Events hosted by sanctioned CWS Fleet Members.

  17. BulletGUIDANCE.  We support and guide CWS Fleet Members (clubs, training facilities and organizations) who teach watersports and/or   host CWS testing events.  If you are a  Dog Club, Training Group, or Training Facility interested in offering year-round watersports training or hosting a Water Testing Event, Join the CWS Fleet.

  18. BulletLEARNING OPPORTUNITIES.  Enjoy our  Splash-N-Chat Group-List for watersports Q & As, Bragging, Stories, Training Ideas and get the Who, When, Where on available summer splash to winter dry dock training programs.

Canine Water Sports inspires you to enrich your dog’s life with wet challenges for fun and mastership.  The sport has dozens of real life challenges from swimming with a person, diving for lost gear, retrieving equipment, to rescuing a stranded boater.  Watersports training programs help you build teamwork based on trust, respect and cooperation earned shoulder to shoulder and literally eye to eye with a water-loving dog. Watersports testing events give you achievement goals, a place to socialize with other water dog enthusiasts and a chance to earn recognition awards and brag rights.

Start a water training group near you or join one of our Fleet Members.  Canine Water Sports is the sport where you can make waves and splash to your hearts content.      


  Canine Water Sports
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