Janet Minor

1942 - 2009

A Friend, a Mother, a Sister, a Grandmother, a Caregiver, a Volunteer, a Dog Keeper, Trainer and Exhibitor.  A quiet and private person, but oh so generous with her time, labor, laughter and dedication to dogs.


Monday, May 25th 2009 at the age of 66, Janet Minor died at her Silvermine Ave. home in Norwalk, CT.  Her close friend, Jackie Pariseault, and her beautiful Standard Poodles, Bentley and Zander, were at her side when she collapsed. 

Janet’s two sisters had just come into town to help celebrate Janet’s 67th birthday, which would have been this coming Saturday, May 30th.  Their presence made this past weekend very special for Janet.

Janet lived for her dogs, they brought her great joy and a dog community connection she loved.  When faced with breast cancer a few years ago Janet fought it with great determination and courage so she could continue to enjoy working her dogs. They gave her purpose, strength and hope.  Janet met Jackie when she
attended one of Jackie’s agility training classes in the early 90’s and the two became good friends. They trained and trialed their dogs side by side and when times got rough for both of them, Janet opened her home to Jackie & her dogs.  The two started a small business together and sold crafts and dog supplies they made at dog events.

Janet was a very active member of the Port Chester Obedience Training Club in White Plains, NY, serving as a past President and Treasurer.  She is well known and liked in the Obedience/Rally competition world for her genuine hospitality, caring nature and good sportsmanship.  She supported Poodle Rescue by adopting from and fostering for the New England and Connecticut Rescue Associations.  Bentley was adopted at five months old as a rescue Poodle. So passionate was she about Poodle Rescue, Jackie and Janet’s family request, in lieu of flowers, we make a donation to the Poodle Rescue of Connecticut,  (www.poodlerescuect.org and www.poodlerescuene.org) in Janet’s memory.

Jackie began watersports in Monroe, CT. in 2007 and one day she brought Janet. Janet liked what she saw and returned with her Poodles.  Though the big Poodles were not so sure about swimming, Janet’s patience and persistence won them over and they swam willing for the first time last year. It was Janet’s hopes that they would come to enjoy watersports and earn their team swim merits.   The “J” sisters were always the first to arrive and the last to leave at our training programs and water testing events.  They volunteered to help set up, steward the tests, competed with their dogs and then they stayed to help clean up. They took Watersports flyers to their other dog events and helped spread the word about the new wet sport.  Without hesitation, Janet stepped forward to be the CWS event secretary for this summer’s two weekend water tests.  And she would have been great at it.

Janet was ever so proud of Zander, he had earned two legs toward his Utility Title
and she expected him to finish this Summer.  She entered him in the Greenwich KC show on June 6th.  Jackie plans to exhibit  Zander and fulfill Janet’s dream for Zander.   If you plan to attend the Greenwich KC Show, Saturday June 6th,
Taylor’s Farm, East Norwalk, CT., perhaps you might stand near by and cheer the team on - I am sure Janet will be heeling right next to Zander & Jackie as they make a wish come true.

May you make a big splash in heaven with your Poodles Beau and Bart. 

We shall miss you in form, but shall know you are with us in spirit.